Windows -puhelimet saavat laajemman live-tiili tarjonnan Windows 10 myötä

Windows Phone -sovelluskehittäjät ja innokkaat fanit odottavat Windows 10 kehittäjäversion julkaisua jo malttamattomina. Näillä näkymin Windows 10 on saamassa paljon uusia ominaisuuksia verrattuna Windows Phone 8.1 -versioon.

Microsoftin työntekijä Vesku Paananen on valmistautumassa huomiseen Business Summittiin, jossa hän esittelee Windows 10 eri laitteilla. Vesku twiittasi hetki sitten kuvan, jossa näkyy demoamista varten eri laitteita Windows 10 varustettuna. Kuvassa näkyy myös yksi uutuus, jota emme nähneet Windows 10 esittelytilaisuudessa. Puhelimen aloitusnäkymässä on uudenlainen pystyssä oleva live-tiili.

Tässä vielä kyseinen kuva, koska twiitti on artikkelin julkaisun jälkeen poistettu.

We’re still waiting for the Windows 10 Phone preview to land — and there are some fresh details which you shouldn’t have missed if you’re interested in the preview — but until then we take whatever we can get. Vesku Paananen, a Microsoft employee, might have accidentally leaked a feature we haven’t seen so far, one that will probably grace our Windows Phones: we’re talking about Windows 10 phone portrait tiles.

According to BestMobileBlog, who spotted the image, in preparation for a Business Summit where he’d show off Windows 10 for different devices, Paananen has tweeted the picture you see above (and cropped below). The image has since been taken down, but we can clearly see that the Nokia/Microsoft Windows Phone on the table shows a strange looking People tile. While currently, tiles can be extra large (double the regular tile, four times the small tile), with Windows 10 we’ll likely be able to also drag a tile down, vertically, and use it in portrait orientation. Whether this is something we’ll be able to do on all tiles, or just specific ones, is not certain at the moment.

We’re waiting for official word from Microsoft on all the aesthetic changes — and we hope they will be better received than these ones — but, until then, tell us what you think of the idea of having portrait tiles.

After Bestmobileblog’s article the picture was rapidly deleted, but of course it is impossible to delete anything from the internet.

The news shows that Windows 10 for phones still have a few surprises left for us, despite Microsoft’s reveal on the 21st January.

We of course expect to uncover a lot more when the Windows 10 Insider program opens up to regular users soon.


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